Another site launches for iPhone app rejects

Hell hath no fury like that of a developer scorned. UK-based iPhone developer Adam Martin has launched a website which catalogues every app that got r

The Cupertino tech giants have been facing criticism for a while now for their opaque app-approval process. Several apps have been rejected on seemingly arbitrary grounds over the last year.

Most famously, an update to rock band Nine Inch Nails' app was rejected for having 'objectionable content' - the offending bit being lyrics to one of their albums. The irony was that you could buy the album, uncensored, on iTunes, as well as access the same content on a previous version of the same app.

With no approval guidelines laid down, it isn’t surprising developers have started complaining.  "Since Apple point-blank refuses to document the criteria – or even to discuss the matter on anything except a case-by-case basis – I decided to collate all the known examples of rejected apps," says Martin. isn't the first attempt to catalogue rejected iPhone apps - also lists them, along with a few lines on each rejection. Steve Jobs beware.