Anon M1 ski goggles use switchable magnetic lenses to make everything clear

White out? Lenses don’t match your boots? Swap out your goggle fronts in seconds with these magnetic fasciae

Goggle outfit Anon thinks it has the answer to the perennial problem of varying light up the mountain. The US optics specialist has invented a set of goggles that uses magnets to switch lenses in and out as required without needing to remove them from your face.

That means when the blizzard blows in you can fit some flat-light lenses without the messy business of deconstructing your headwear or fishing around in your bag for your emergency bins.

The Anon M1 goggles, making their debut at Denver’s SIA Snow Show, also feature spherical lenses to increase viewing range, full perimeter channel venting to prevent fog and three layers of face foam for increased comfort.

Assuming those magnets are strong enough to keep your vision layer in place after a serious wipeout, we’ll be looking to pick up a pair of Anon M1s when they come out this autumn.

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