AnimAlarm protects pets from overheating

Or cats left in greenhouses, wherever your pet is, the alarm will text you if it gets too hot or cold

AnimAlarm simply but effectively protects pets left in potentially dangerously hot or cold situations, like cars. Gone are the days of cracking a window and leaving your car insecure to give your dog a breather. AnimAlarm measures the ambient temperature and texts you if it gets to the higher or lower threshold you’ve chosen, protecting your pet from getting too hot or cold.

Then you can maniacally run back to your car on a dog saving mission, throwing shoppers aside, just like in the films. Or if your pet is simply in the horsebox behind your car, locked in the conservatory, or cooped up in the greenhouse, you can calmly step in and let it out.

AnimAlarm is out now for the oddly priced £108. Sure, it’s not cheap, but taking your damaged pet to the vet isn’t either so it should be worth the cost.

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