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Angry Birds Star Wars is almost here

The poultry and porcine worlds will soon collide in a galaxy far, far away

Angry Birds Star Wars is about to be revealed by Rovio. But to add to our early news story about the launch October 8th a few days ago we now have a short teaser trailer and some more information.

Angry Birds Star Wars, which will be available for download in just a few hours, will feature birds as the Rebel Alliance’s Luke, Leia, Han, Ben Kenobi, and the gang – while the piggies take the Imperial roles of Darth Vader and his stormtroopers. The action’s relocated from cartoon fields to Star Wars planets like Tatooine and Hoth – but here’s hoping the asteroid with that giant space-ship eating worm makes an appearance too.

We can’t wait to get a go at sticking it to the Empire, as well as hearing the remixed John Williams Star Wars musical score. The Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga with collapsible Death Star has us pretty excited too. Check back in a few hours for more.

[via Guardian]

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