Angry Birds Rio snubs Android Market for Amazon Appstore

Amazon sets out its app stall. We ask how much for that birdie in the window? The one with the exploding tail?

Amazon is about to unleash its Appstore on the masses. But the masses must be brought to its gates for the sometime bookseller’s plan to carve into the lucrative app market to work. And the Big A has got itself an admirable scoop. Android users who want to buy the next instalment of the Angry Birds franchise – Angry Birds Rio – will find it not in the Android Market, but exclusively stocked on the shelves of the Amazon Appstore, according to the in-house developer blog.

With an Android installed base of 30 million, that’s a powerful incentive for punters to look elsewhere for apps come the Angry Birds Rio launch. What remains to be seen is whether competition forces the Android app environment to improve dramatically, or whether we’re about to see app store fragmentation ripple through the Android kingdom. Fingers crossed it’s the former…


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