Angry Birds to get it on with Facebook on Valentine’s Day

What does the most successful gaming app of all time need? Surely not another 800 million players?

Some guys have all the luck. Apparently Cupid saw Facebook bathing in cash and decided to spear its heart with a billet-doux from Rovio, a fellow denizen of the top end of tech’s rich list.

We’ll see the result of this happy coupling on February 14th, better known to most of us as Valentine’s Day, when Angry Birds will launch on Facebook.

The marriage, according to Penn Olson, includes the ability to play Angry Birds in full screen mode on a laptop, with graphics boosted to accommodate higher resolution screens. And just to prove there’s no romance without finance, Rovio will be including a bunch of power-ups including earthquakes or Mighty Eagle-like superbirds to be sold for around a dollar a pop.

Naturally enough, there’ll also be a social element to Facebook’s Angry Birds. You’ll be able to brag about high scores and trophies – though we’re praying for a more suble implementation that the likes of Mafia Wars.

We’re sure Angry Birds and Facebook will prove suitable bedfellows, just as we’re certain both the Zuckerberg and Rovio empires stand to make even more buckets of cash from the deal.

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