Angry Birds coming to Samsung TVs this month

Take out those egg-thieving pigs using gesture controls – and watch Angry Birds cartoons to boot

Back at the beginning of the year, Samsung revealed that it’d be bringing Angry Birds to its range of smart TVs – and the time is finally here. Or at least near: a launch is promised for later in July.

If you own a Samsung 7000, 8000 or 9000-series TV, Angry Birds will soon be available through the Samsung TV Apps portal. It’s getting a simultaneous worldwide release too.

The game will be controllable via gestures, and when you’ve knackered yourself out propelling birds into blocks you’ll be able to kick back and watch some animated Angry Birds shorts, as the app includes those too. Just don’t go expecting The Godfather in terms of entertainment quality…

[Via The Next Web]

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