Angry Birds catapult takes avian launching to a whole new level

Don't worry PETA, this isn't what it looks like. Just a bit of virtual bird slinging with a desktop catapult, that's all. Honest

The past week has been a triumph for technology, with NASA's Curiosity Rover successfully landing on Mars in an attempt to find little green men, and now science has pulled through for us once again with this home-made Angry Birds catapult controller.

Combining everyone's favourite bird-flinging game with a mini desktop weapon, this Arduino-powered contraption features a motorised controller which simulates a real catapult, complete with a mini bird to pull back and release.

There's even an adorable little TNT plunger box to initiate each bird's special ability and we'd happily buy an entire fleet of catapults to ensure those slimy egg-stealing pigs are shown no mercy.

Sadly you'll have to build your own for the time being, but we've got our fingers firmly crossed for a Kickstarter movement in the near future. Check out the video by creators Hideaki Matsui and Andrew Spitz below in the meantime, and give those pigs hell.

[via The Verge]

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