Android will overtake Apple

By this August the Androids could outnumber the mighty Apples in the app market, then the real battle begins

Apple has become a superpower controlling 77 percent of the £2.3 billion app market, but its size makes it lumbering and ungainly.

Android has the backing of Google, who don’t put as stringent checks on new apps as Apple. This meant that last month Apple had 11,000 new apps bringing the total to 380,000, while Android produced a staggering 28,000 granting their Market a total of 295,000. At this rate Android will outnumber Apple by August.

Once supply starts to outstrip demand, which it will soon, competition will heat up which is great for us as it means better products at a cheaper price. With an Amazon Android Appstore imminent it can only keep getting better. Keep on slugging Android.


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