Android update neglects multitouch

Google has just released the code for its Donut Android update for developers to devour, but it seems it is could well be missing the multitouch suppo

Despite a number of sources reporting otherwise, Android team member Romain Guy has said on the official Android Developers Google Group that multitouch support is not included on Donut, but has also stressed this update is not Android 2.0.

While that gives us hope we may well see it yet, it also whiffs suspiciously of the story we heard back in February that Apple has asked its corporate bud Google to steer clear of multi-touch.

The two companies share two directors over its boards including Google CEO Eric Schmidt, so its easy to see how some sort of deal could've been struck.

It remains to be seen what we'll see when 2.0 drops, but considering 1.5 was composed mostly of the improvements made in Cupcake it's certainly possible that 2.0 will be based heavily on the multitouch-free Donut.

We'll keep you updated, but in the meantime be sure to check out our hands on video with the newest phone from the Android fold, the HTC Hero.

Via: Engadget