Android–toting HTC Dream set for September?

With the bulk of Android phones officially delayed until well into 2009, it’s been left to the HTC Dream to lead the line with Google’s wi

And it seems we haven’t got long to wait until the cell surfaces, with The New York Times going all out and claiming the cell will be outed as a T–Mobile exclusive in September 17, before hitting US shelves the following month. That’s far earlier than initially slated.

The QWERTY slider has surfaced in countless shaky vids across the web this week, but it was assumed that any final model would be a long time in coming. Specs–wise we're looking at a 3MP snapper, 5x3in touchscreen and, of course, 3G.

For now, we’re holding our breath. But if Android does rear it’s head so soon, the iPhone is going to have some serious competition in the run up to Christmas.

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