Android Kandy Kane to be Google’s next OS?

Google may have sneakily announced the name of the next version of Android in a Jelly Bean easter egg

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has only just landed – and already it may have revealed a tell-tale pointer to the next version of Google's OS.

Since Android's confectionery-based naming convention follows an alphabetical order, we already know K is coming next – and most people reckon it'll be called Key Lime Pie. But the folks at Android Central have found a potentially revealing easter egg – go into Settings, About, and tap on the Android version four times, and you'll be treated to an image of falling jelly beans – and a candy cane. So, could the next version of Android be called Candy Cane? Or Kandy Kane?

Whatever it's called, we'll be waiting a while for the next iteration of Android – Jelly Bean has four months of exclusivity on Google's Nexus phones and tablets before other Android devices even get a look in. Better get a Nexus 7, then – since we gave it five stars.

[Via Pocket Now]

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