Android iphone falls far from the Apple tree

Brazilian smartphone manufacturer launches Android phone with lawyer-baiting name. Your move, Cupertino

Nope, Apple hasn't gone stark-raving mad – a new iphone will go on sale in Brazil that ditches iOS in favour of Android.

Yes, that lowercase 'p' in 'iphone' is deliberate because the Brazilian phone manufacturer just happens to own that particular trademark, which means it can happily ride the wave of the real iPhone's popularity without too much heat from Apple. That said, Apple is doubtless firing up its army of lawyers even as we speak.

Known by its full name as the Gradiente iphone Neo One, this US$600 smartphone comes packing Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 700MHz processor, 5MP camera and – minus an attractive silver stripe around the phone – the sort of looks that only a mother could love. At least the 3.7in display is reasonably accommodating.

Really, at that price you'd be better off just buying an iPhone and having it shipped abroad, even though the thought of Android on an iPhone (okay, iphone) is weirdly tempting. Must. Resist.

[via Pocket Lint]

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