Android Ice Cream Sandwich to get Flash

Right now Galaxy Nexus owners are without Flash internet fun, but not for long

Owners of the shiny new Galaxy Nexus were fretting over their first weekend with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich – it turns out that the new OS doesn’t have Flash support. Suddenly people with the world’s most advanced operating system had to fire-up their laptops to view websites fully, but that lunacy won’t last.

Despite Adobe saying it will never make another version of its software for mobiles (sadface Nokia Lumia owners), it’s decided to create just one more version for Ice Cream Sandwich. Flash on mobiles will continue getting critical updates and bug fixes, just no new versions, as HTML 5 replaces it.

So if you were thinking of getting a Galaxy Nexus but worried that your favourite Flash site would be out of reach, fear not – our Galaxy Nexus review was bang on when it dished out those rare five stars.

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