And the first ever 9MP compact is... a Fuji!

Right now, our eyes are boggling at this amazing Fuji E900 Zoom. Come back in a month's time, however, and we'll be holding our new 10MP pocket shooter, laughing at the idea of ever getting excited over a 9MP compact

Fuji's just taken another historic step on the path to the 10 megapixel compact by launching the FinePix E900 Zoom, the first 9MP compact cam to hit UK shores.

The big deal is the nosebleed-worthy megapixel rating - this bad boy will do prints larger than A3 - but that's not all. Oh no. It also spouts a 4x optical zoom and a very low light-friendly ISO range. Movies are 30fps VGA-quality, which is good - VGA's now become standard.

The only two slightly ho-hum bits are the 2 inch LCD - most compacts are squeezing in a 2.5 screen these days - and the unspecactular 1.3 second startup time.

You can pick up an E900 in August for a price that's expected to TBC shortly.

In the meantime, we've got money on the first 10MP compact appearing before Christmas.