Analyst gets first Apple Tablet hands-on

Barrons, a firm of market analysts, claims one of its veterans has seen the much-heralded Apple Mac Tablet. It claims the device was a "prototype

It claims the device was a "prototype slate-style computer" and that Apple will release the tablet in November with a launch in September.

The dates sound plausible, the FT reported similar rumours last week. But we're dubious about whether Barrons have really seen the tablet. It just doesn't chime with Apple's famous secrecy.

Barrons' man-in-the-know also claims that other manufacturers are holding off on producing their own devices until Apple unveils the tablet. Could that be why Asus' EeePc T101 was rumoured to be delayed?

The analyst claims the Apple Tablet will be a convergence king – a home media center like Apple TV and a gaming machine. With Nintendo admitting the iPhone 3GS is a Nintendo DSi competitor could Apple be about to up the ante?

Barrons also suggest that the tablet offers a kick arse movie-watching experience in HD.

Now, as we said, this could all be just speculation but based on all these rumours, we're starting to get seriously excited. Are you? Will you be buying the Apple Mac Tablet if it emerges in September?

(via 9to5Mac)