Amazon's Kindle getting UK launch next week?

Amazon is all set to launch the Kindle in the UK as soon as next week, if new reports are to be believed.The Kindle ebook reader has been a blinding s

The Kindle ebook reader has been a blinding success in the US, but various issues securing a wireless service in the UK have so far prevented it from being released over here.

However, The Bookseller has heard from numerous sources that Qualcomm, which provides the whispernet wireless service for the Kindle in the States, is working on a solution for the UK as well.

The wireless service is one of the Kindle’s strengths over the competition, as it allows users to download e-books remotely to the device.

Publishers have reportedly signed non-disclosure agreements, but one source confirmed: "The key things they needed to tie up have been tied up. The rumours I've heard are all saying next week."

We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground on this so keep it locked to for the latest, and be sure to check out our e-reader group test video to see what the Kindle has to go up against