Amazon tablet to be unveiled as the Kindle Fire

Amazon's forthcoming tablet is so hot it's on Fire

We already know Amazon will be making a tablet shaped announcement on Wednesday. While speculation has pointed the finger at the possibility of three shiny new tablets – the Hollywood, Coyote and Kindle Colour – TechCrunch reckons it has the full low-down – one tablet, known as the Kindle Fire. According to the tech blog, Amazon is hoping its name will assist in differentiating it from the rest of the e-ink Kindle family.

Specs-wise, we're looking at a 7-incher apparently taking its design cue from the BlackBerry PlayBook. Amazon has also put its own stamp on Android with a custom version of Google's OS and its very own Android app store. While it won't be as ram-packed as Google's Android Market, Amazon seems to have content covered by striking deals with the likes of Fox for example, for steaming movies and TV shows.

It all kicks off in New York on Wednesday, with the purported US release date coming in as the second week of November. Unfortunately for us Brits, it looks set to arrive this side of the pond in 2012. Rest assured, we'll be bringing you all the facts when we have them.


Amazon tablet to be announced this Wednesday

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