Amazon tablet to be announced this Wednesday

The Hollywood and Coyote tablets’ chance to shine has arrived, and just before Apple steals the limelight

Amazon’s silence about tablet rumours has been making even Apple look like a blabber-mouth. And the one-upmanship doesn’t stop there as Amazon has just announced a special event this Wednesday, a week before the Apple (iPhone 5 and possible iPad 3) announcement is due on 4th October. It could be one or all of three things.

The Hollywood tablet: a 9 or 10in Android slate that packs in the never-before-seen Kal-El Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and a super hi-res screen. The Coyote tablet: as Hollywood but in a smaller 7in form. The Kindle Colour: after our meeting with E Ink it’s looking likely the colour version of the Kindle could be announced as soon as this Wednesday.

This is all happening in New York so we’re hoping the UK release isn’t too far behind the Americans. Still, if we’re disappointed we can always look forward to the Apple iPhone 5 announcement a few days later on 4th October.


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