Amazon set to launch 8.9in Kindle Fire 2

Be afraid iPad, be very afraid – a bigger Kindle Fire is coming to get you before the end of 2012

Reports of a Kindle Fire 2 have reached our shores before the first Kindle Fire and it looks like Amazon's next tablet will be even more of an iPad baiter than the 7in version.

Kindle Fire 2 specs might be thin on the ground but more sneaky sources have come forward – this time to Reuters – to suggest that Amazon will launch the tab in the US around Christmas 2012 with a 8.9in display.

So it won't be such a compact powerhouse to slip into roomy pockets – but Amazon is probably hoping the Kindle Fire 2 will become the only media consumption device you'll ever need.

It remains to be seen just how cheap Amazon can flog the Kindle Fire 2 for but since the company rakes in so much cash from ebook sales and video streaming, we've got high hopes for something under £200, i.e around the US$300 mark.

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