Amazon preps its Kindle line-up for a refresh

Stock shortages suggest Amazon is clearing its Kindle inventory to make room for a new batch of E Ink readers

If you’d been planning to get your hands on one of Amazon’s Kindle ereaders in the near future, you might want to pause – it looks like we could be in for a fresh set of the online superstore’s world-class E Ink readers.

Gadget sleuths at The Verge have spotted a few holes in Amazon’s US Kindle Store, with lack of availability, delayed shipping and slashed accessory pricing all pointing to an imminent product refresh.

We’ve checked Amazon’s UK Kindle Store – which carries a smaller line-up of ereaders – and discovered there’s a one to two week delay on Kindle Touch shipments.

Should the two be related, we’d expect a global launch of Kindle devices in the near future, possibly heralding the introduction of the Kindle Fire 2, an event that chimes with our rumoured August release date for Amazon’s second tablet. It could also signal the Fire’s international release.

Hopefully there’s not too long to wait until we find out what Amazon’s cooking up for the Kindle. Either that, or we’re just reading between the lines.

[via The Verge]

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