Amazon plotting same day delivery

Online giant opening new warehouses near US urban centres to get you your goods in a matter of hours

Online shopping is wonderful, but there are areas where the high street still has it beat. The main one is delivery time: if you need something fast, the quickest you’ll get it is the next day. Well, Amazon wants to change that by introducing same day delivery.

The company is spending millions of dollars on new distribution centres in the US; in California alone, Amazon plans to spend US$500 million (£325 million) and employ 10,000 new staff. These local warehouses will service major urban centres and allow same day delivery to become a reality for millions of Americans.

Of course, this won’t be the standard service but a premium option, much like next day delivery is now. However, given the savings online shopping offers over most bricks and mortar stores, and the fact that you won’t even have to get dressed and leave the house to have that new iPod touch in your hands by the evening, it’s likely to prove extremely popular with consumers.

This sounds great for the average shopper, of course – but terrible for the traditional retailer, already suffering due to the world’s shaky economic state. Interesting times are ahead for retail, it seems.

[Via Slate]

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