Amazon planning a move to the high street?

Amazon is reportedly toying with the idea of opening high street stores in the UK in hope of cashing in on the click and collect market, popular with

The whispers are coming from property landlords who have said the e-tailer is on a secret search to buy some shop fronts for users to go and pick up their orders in their own time.

This is proving a popular format for a number of retailers, including Argos and Tescos, as it means the customer is not stuck at home awaiting at delivery at a time that may be inconvenient to them.

A source close to the proposals said: "When Amazon was just selling books and CDs that fitted easily through the letterbox it was fine to be a web-only business, but now it has branched out into everything from children's bikes to electricals it believes it could boost sales by having stores that offer a collection point for shoppers. It will probably be an Argos-style operation.”

For this reason it's also thought the stores will be out of town, so there are no problems with parking for customers picking up larger items.

However, Amazon has denied the reports, telling Reuters it has no plans to open stores "anywhere in the world". The conversation stopped there, with Amazon refusing to comment on whether it plans to tie in with current retailers, or any future plans altogether.

It would certainly be interesting to see a retailer moving against the current trend of shops moving from the high street online, but we'll have to wait and see how much truth is in the rumours and Amazon's denial.

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Via: The Times