Amazon offers up 29p MP3 tracks

Now every download store worth buying from has hacked DRM off its tunes, Amazon is looking to up the ante on its rivals by slashing prices. The Amazon

The deal is only due to run for a 'limited time'. So we suggest if you're of the chart persuasion and think Kings of Leon's latest tracks are their most cutting edge, that you point your browser in that direction post haste.

Current tunes available for 29p include Issues by The Saturdays and Omen by The Prodigy. If you're after the latest tunes by Americana darlings M Ward and Neko Case, you might want to look elsewhere.

Word is that Amazon's £3 album deals have proved so popular, this one was a no brainer. Now excuse us, we're off to indulge our inner mainstream fiend.

What do you think? Bargain or gimmick? Tell us in the comments section.


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