Amazon launches video on demand service

Amazon is shaping up for a new battle with iTunes, this time on the TV and movie front, according to The New York Times. The online giant has unveiled

The new offering will let customers either download flicks and their favourite telly shows straight to their hard drive, or store them in a dedicated Amazon library. If you do the latter, you’ll be able to stream your goodies to other web–enabled kit.

For now, it’s a US–only concern, heading into a testing phase before getting its full roll–out later in the year. All the major studios and channels are on board expect for Disney, owing to their Steve Jobs connections.

Amazon has also struck a deal with Sony, which will see access to the store embedded in Bravia tellies. Neat. For now though, we’ll just have to content ourselves with the interminable wait for the Amazon MP3 store to hit the UK. Come on guys, shows us some love!