Amazon Kindle Touch is coming to the UK in April

The touchscreen Kindle has made its way across the pond for an April 27th UK release

Hot on the heels of the news that Harry Potter is now an ebook, Amazon has announced its Kindle Touch ereader will be available in the UK from April 27. Launching five months after the US release, this model won’t be available in an advert version for less, like in America.

The Kindle Touch – which aims to compete with Sony ebook readers and the Nook – will cost £109 for the Wi-Fi version and £169 for the 3G model. It weighs in at 70g heavier than the classic Kindle which costs £89, but does feature portrait and landscape reading – a feature requested in the American version that hadn’t yet appeared.

The Kindle Touch also offers an x-ray feature that lets users find related passages in a book as well as more detailed information from Wikipedia and Shelfari, Amazon's community-written book encyclopaedia. All good news, but there’s still nothing on the Kindle Fire – suggesting the UK may have to wait for the Kindle Fire 2.

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