Amazon Kindle for PC – free desktop app coming next month

Now its gone and launched an international edition, Amazon is keen to get us Kindle-ing in as many places as possible.Following in the footsteps of it

Following in the footsteps of its free Kindle iPhone app, Amazon has announced there will soon be a free Kindle app for Windows PCs.

Available next month, Kindle for PC basically turns your computer into a reading device that allows you to download ebooks from the Kindle Store.

Paired up to your Kindle account, you can start reading a book on your PC and then, thanks to virtual bookmarks, pick up where you left off on your iPhone or Kindle if you own one.

Another bonus for Kindle owners is the Whispersync technology which will allow you to view any notes, annotations or highlights made on your Kindle, on the desktop app as well.

Compatible with Windows 7, the app boasts some multitouch features allowing you to pinch zoom and turn pages with the swipe of a finger, although it will also work on Vista and XP computers too.

Mac users need not fret though – Drew Herdener,'s Director of Communications, said a Mac version was set to be released in the next few months, and the Kindle for BlackBerry would debut soon as well.

It's all go for the Kindle. What do you think to the newest ereader, and would you use the desktop application? Check out our unboxing pictures for a peek at it in all it's glory and let us know your thoughts below.