Amazon Kindle Fire 2 incoming

Amazon's been placing orders for Kindle Fire 2 components – but when will we see it?

After Amazon shunned the UK for its Kindle Fire launch, Brits may scoff at talk of the Kindle Fire 2. But any tablet that's setting itself up as a serious challenger for the iPad's crown is interesting news – so reports that the Kindle Fire 2 is going into production are exciting.

According to Digitimes, Taiwanese chassis manufacturer Catcher has just received orders from Amazon for a, “new Kindle Fire tablet PC”. That’s the good news. The bad new is that’s all that’s being said.

So for now we’ll add this to the other stories that say the Fire 2 will be coming in May, cost around US$200 and be available in 7in and 9in sizes. Whether it'll turn up on UK shores is another matter entirely.

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