Amazon Kindle Fire 2 coming this May?

British island-dwellers weren’t treated to Amazon's first affordable tablet. But will things be different for its successor?

The Amazon Kindle Fire 2, in both 7in and 9in versions, is coming – just not necessarily to the UK. Since Amazon shunned British shores with the release of its Kindle Fire tablet, we’re not getting our hopes up too much following news that it's releasing a Kindle Fire 2 tablet, shipping this May.

The Kindle Fire 2 should pack in an improved spec while remaining wallet-friendly, since Amazon sells tablets at a loss – making money back on ebooks, music and videos. It will likely remain around the current US$200 price mark, in spite of improvements, thanks to a switch to cheaper manufacturing plant Foxconn, according to The China Times.

While an Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is an exciting prospect, it’s got nothing on the iPad 3 coming March 7th. And since Apple’s new release should push down the price of the iPad and iPad 2 even further – it begs the question – can Amazon compete?

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