Amazon Kindle 2 gets official

Amazon hasn't exactly done a good job of keeping its new eReader, the Kindle 2, under lock and key. Pics of the sequel to the best selling gadget have

Well, at last, the bookish types have come clean, officially unveiling the Kindle 2 in New York. And it really does look like a leap in the right direction. Gone is the clunky design, replaced by something a lot slicker and thinner than an iPhone at just 0.36in.

They're also promising two weeks reading on a single charge, wireless delivery of papers and mags straight to the device, plus text to speech, so you can listen to your latest Mills and Boon novel when your eyes get tired. You'll be able to shoehorn more on there too, with seven times extra space. Even better if you're off on a schlep around the globe.

As ever though, there's a catch. Amazon still isn't coming clean about when, or indeed if, we'll be seeing the Kindle 2 here in the UK. We're hoping soon, but guessing we're going to have to hold on even longer.

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Amazon Kindle 2

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