Amazon gives US Prime customers free ebook rentals

The ebook subs service rumours were true – Prime members get free books on your Kindle until you get bored of them

We're quickly running out of reasons to read ebooks on anything other than a Kindle. Amazon has just announced that Prime members in America who own a Kindle will be able to 'lend' ebooks for free for an unlimited time. The e-library service will be limited to one book at a time and a maximum of one book a month, but there are already over 5000 titles available to rent.

While none of the big publishers in the US have got on board with this free rentals idea, Amazon has stressed that it pays for the right to give away these ebook rentals. A membership to Amazon Prime costs US$80 a year or £50 over here, and the service will work with the new e-ink Kindles as well as the Kindle Fire, but not apps for iOS and Android. We've demanded to get some of this Kindle goodness here in the UK, so we'll let you know if/when Amazon obliges.

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