Amazon Echo UK launch (practically) confirmed - thanks to Alexa

Is Amazon's mysterious 14 September event for the Echo? Alexa seems to think so

Earlier today, Amazon sent out rather mysterious invites to an event taking place in London on 14 September. We got one - hooray for us!

What's it for? Amazon isn't saying, but the immediate assumption was that this is when the launch of the Echo in the UK would finally, finally be announced.

That would make sense - the Echo first launched in the US at the start of 2015 so it's about bloody time. Thing is, many Amazon events have been held between now and then, and each was rumoured to be Echo-related before leaving us dangling like the final episode of The Sopranos.

With our Amazon contacts remaining tight-lipped, we had one, final idea - ask Amazon's own, AI-driven voice assistant, via our Echo-owning US contributor...

Stuff: "What's happening on September 14th?"

Alexa: "I promised I wouldn't say anything, but maybe I should start packing in case I get an invitation. A visit to London has always been on my bucket list"

While not 100 per cent confirmation, as far as teases go that's as subtle as the old yawn-into-a-cuddle-at-the-cinema move so we're going to call it: on 14 September Amazon is going to announce the UK release date of the Alexa-powered Echo. Boom!

Beyond that there are still a number of unknowns. What will the release date be? How much will it cost? Indeed, will there be more than one? In the States you can now get the original Echo, a simpler, cheaper Echo Tap, and the much smaller Echo Dot. Presumably the UK will get all three, but that's not guaranteed.

One thing that is (practially) guaranteed now is that we won't have to wait long for the official word on Amazon Echo and Alexa in the UK. Roll on 14 September.