Amazon Cloud Player is live

Android users can rejoice as Amazon beats Google and Apple to the Cloud music-streaming future

The cloud has been a long time coming to the mainstream. It’s been little more than a wispy unformed idea until now. The Amazon Cloud Player is the first fully free online music streaming service, and it's available to computer and Android users.

Until now, only Sony’s Music Unlimited offered an online locker of music storage for streaming your own media, and that cost £4 per month. Amazon’s space-saving, multi-location-listening service provides an initial 5GB of space free, which is extended to 20GB if you buy any MP3 album – well worth the cost.

And the big question on everyone’s minds: will it support iTunes purchased music? Yes, it appears anything bought from iTunes (and anything less than legally attained) will work just fine. Now you just need to decide which series of The Sopranos you want on your device to fill up all that new space you just cleared out.


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