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Amazon Appstore launches in Europe – Kindle Fire 2 incoming?

Amazon's Android storefront crosses the Atlantic – could the follow-up to the Kindle Fire be hot on its heels?

Amazon’s own Google Play rival, the Amazon Appstore, is arriving on European shores to give Android users in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain a new way to get their apps.

As well as serving up apps like Plants vs. Zombies and Skyscanner, the Amazon Appstore offers up Amazon’s own comfortingly familiar 1-Click payments system and recommendations, plus a Free App of the Day – to mark launch day, the free app in question is the ad-free version of Angry Birds, just in case you own any devices that aren’t infested by irate avians.

Of course, the Amazon Appstore is integral to the company’s Kindle Fire tablet – and its arrival on these shores is long overdue. Amazon is keeping its lips tightly sealed on that score – but with a September 6th launch coming up and the Kindle line being prepped for a refresh, it’s looking like a dead cert that the Kindle Fire (or a Kindle Fire 2) will be making its way across the Atlantic.

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