All new Big Trak on its way for the digital generation

Big Trak is back (again) and it's had its ride pimped

Back in the days of Thundercats and He-Man, if you were one of the lucky few to have the automated, 6-wheeled robot otherwise known as Big Trak, in all its cheesy multicoloured glory, it goes without saying you were one of the cool kids. It also goes without saying that if you tried sharing your favourite childhood toy with today's generation, you'd probably get laughed at by kids wielding light sabres and Xbox controllers while they call you "Granddad".

Big Trak may not be on the cutting edge of technology, but like an ageing supermodel, its been superseded by a cooler, younger and better looking model. The XTR, or eXra Technology Rover, has been designed with the digital generation in mind thanks to its iPhone, iPad and Android app control. It's kitted out with two accessory ports, so you can tool up your Big Trak with a wireless camera for covert operations, a missile launcher for sibling attacks and an IR gun.

Thirty years ago, kids spent many happy hours programming up to 16 instructions at a time into their Big Trak, including advance, turn and fire laser – but that simply won't wash with today's yooth. Before you get too excited, it won't be ready in time to make it onto your Christmas wish list, but it will be rolling into your living room come 2012.

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