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Alienware new laptop range announced

The M14x, M17x and M18x are incoming, but where’s the m11x?

Alienware has announced a refreshed line of its powerful gaming laptops, but the M11X is nowhere to be seen. It looks like the 11in model won’t be refreshed as the M14x steps up to sit on the mobile gaming laptop pedestal. The M17x and M18x will be back, packing more punch than ever before.

The new line will feature Nvidia 6 series graphics with GDDR 5 memory and PCI 3.0 for double the bandwidth of the previous 2.0. And the face shredding speed continues with upgraded clock speeds of 1600Mhz (over the old 1333Mhz) on the dual channel memory that expands to 16GB in the M14x and 32GB in the M17x and M18x.

Storage is fast too with mSATA drives that mean the speed of solid state with the affordable capacity of spinning hard drives. This is ideal for speeding up random seek tasks like boot up. I’m not bothered about money and could just get an SSD, you say? With a three drive bay capacity in the M18x an mSATA option might start to look appealing – especially after you’ve shelled out for that graphics card which already gives you a 50 percent speed boost over the previous generation.

Your eyes may not be shocked as the outer shell hasn’t changed but with Creative Sound Blaster Recon3Di HD driving the THX TruStudio audio and built in Klipsch certified speakers, your ears will be melted. And that’s before you’ve used HDMI out to your 7.1 speaker system that this supports.

One last thing. There will be another announcement from Alienware on the 24th April, the same day Intel announces its new line of processors. Say no more.

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