Alienware lifts the lid on M18x laptop spec

If you’ve just bought a new gaming rig look away now – envy is a terrible thing

Alienware’s latest gaming notebook, the M18x, looks set to dominate the portable gaming market with an impressive spec list. A gargantuan 18.4in full HD screen should take care of even the most myopic gamer while an overclocked 4GHz Extreme i7 processor pairs with NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFireX graphics to render the latest games with barely a stutter. Oh and there’s the (quite frankly ridiculous) option to add 32GB of RAM. The 3D-ready HDMI port offers a nice bit of future-proofing, but with these specs we expect a battery life of around 10 minutes. No doubt it will come in at a wallet bleeding price, but on the plus side you can cancel your gym membership as lugging this behemoth around is a full body workout all on its own.

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