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Al Gore lets slip Apple’s iPhone 5 strategy

Al Gore, former US vice president and Apple board member, seems to confirm multiple iPhone releases

Stuff’s spies are all over the world. Toby Shapshak, our South African bureau chief, has unearthed the most conclusive iPhone 5 release evidence yet. He heard Apple board member and former US vice president Al Gore seemingly confirming our suspicions of a budget iPhone 4S arriving alongside the iPhone 5. The man who once claimed to have invented the internet trailed off a sentence with, ” not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month.”

So, not only can we expect the rumoured October 4th iPhone 5 release date to be correct, but from his pluralisation there should be more than one iPhone. Chances are there will be a top end iPhone 5 and a slightly more affordable option in the iPhone 4S, which will likely be an iPhone 4 case loaded with a slightly bumped spec. Normally we wouldn’t trust a politician but this is Al Gore, saviour of the environment. He wouldn’t lie, would he?


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