Airpiano makes music with a wave of the hand

Park your theremin in the museum of ancient musical instruments. The Airpiano is here to take its place

If you’re bored of your priceless collection of Fender Strats, have nearly a grand to burn and fancy giving conventional instruments the middle finger, then look no further than Airpiano. Granted, that’s a pretty niche customer profile but there’s something about the €1100 Airpiano that awakens a child-like sense of creative wonder. Proximity sensors react to movements to produce hauntingly electric soft synth melodies via the magic of MIDI. Time to start working on our Optimus Prime/whale song electro concept mashup. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to the woods to make some tunes. Like this lady…

Jo Hamilton - Alive, Alive from Poseidon on Vimeo.



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