Aiptek 3D camcorder arrives with sub-£200 price tag

Yes way, Aiptek’s first palmable 3D camcorder arrives at half the price of the competition

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a 2D camcorder built into his phone, while only people called James Cameron can afford to splash out on a FujiFilm W1 for pocketable 3D vids.

Not any more though – Aiptek’s HD 3D cam is out tomorrow for a totally stomachable 200 notes. Its twin lenses only allow third-dimensional footage capture, but will also shoot in 2D or snap 5MP stills.

There’s no Wi-Fi, but 3D uploads are just a USB cable away, plus there’s HDMI for your 3DTV with the bundled lead. Or you can watch on the lenticular on the rear.

Aiptek’s cam is good for one and a half hours of 3D-grabbing frolics and can take SD cards up to 32GB.

It’s available tomorrow for £200 from

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