AIGO's stellar performer

The old "what's your star sign?" line may finally have been rendered obsolete. The quirky star gazers at Aigo have just launched the F850, a 'zodiac' range of MP3 players which are colour specific to your, um, star sign

Promoting MP3 players on the wonderful premise that their colour is linked to your star sign gave us all a good bellylaugh. Especially at the poor Geminis who get lumped with the mustard one.

Comedy aside, the F850 does have its charms. As well as squeezing your tracks onto this ergonomic morsel, you can preset 30 FM stations, voice record up to 36 hours with the built-in microphone and choose from 7 EQ modes using its purty little two-colour OLED screen. The only obvious letdown is a lethargic 10 hour battery life.

The F850 is out late July and will come in a 512MB format at £80 or a more senior 1G version for £100. There are 12 different colours to choose from.

It'll be available from