Affordable Pure One Mini good to go

Fancy snagging a Pure DAB, but saving all your pennies for an iPhone 3G? Fear not, intrepid gadget addict, because the Pure One Mini has landed.Basica

Basically a stripped down version of the top–selling Pure One, the radio rocks twenty hours of battery life, sixteen presets and textSCAN so you can pause and check text, before scribbling down song names and the like.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a USB socket for installing updates and an auxiliary input for playing tunage stashed on your MP3 player.

The best bit? It costs a mere £39.99. Leaving you plenty to go and fulfil your dreams of owning a plethora of tech and still having a decent DAB when you get home penniless.

You can grab one in white, black or baby pink, with every model getting the thumbs up from the Energy Saving Trust. Smug and cheap? Result!


Pure One Mini

Price: £39.99

On sale: Now

Contact: Pure