AE's surprise Wi-Fi internet radio

Gagging for internet radio, but don't want it from the PC in your dingy spare room? Slot Acoustic Energy's Wi-Fi radio into your wireless network and you'll be able to pick up the latest rapso from Jamaica FM in your garden shed

So you want internet radio on your Wi-Fi network for round-the-house listening? You could check out existing options like Philips' Streamium or the Squeezebox 2. If, though, you're an audio snob, this first dedicated streamer from a hi-fi specialist could be the only ear-drum tickler for you.    

Out in November, it hooks up to your network to provide access to 99% of worldwide stations, which you select using the rotary control knob and LCD. It also acts as a Squeezebox-style audio streamer for MP3, WMA or Real Audio files, and has a clock and alarm function, allowing you to fool your groggy brain that you're on holiday by tuning into the Caribbean's finest.

All you need is £200, a broadband connection and a wireless network. For more info check out the official site