Aegis Parka's LEDs light up when it detects air pollution

Now you can patrol the planet for nasty pollutants and breathe fresh oxygen, all from within a cozy parka

The Aegis Parka, a concept jacket by Dutch designers Nieuwe Heren ("New Gents") wants to light you up like a Christmas tree everytime you step into hazardous, air polluted areas. The aim? To better illustrate places – we'd wager cities – where there's an abundance of CO2, NH3, benzene and other unwanted gases and, you know, save the planet in the process.

But the Aegis Parka won't leave you hanging in this dirty atmosphere – as well as the LED light show thanks to a hidden air quality sensor and micro-controller, you get a built-in respirator which will supply you with fresh oxygen via an active carbon filter.

Plus the parka, made from a scaly fabric composed of ceramic particles, actually helps to restore the air's balance with a titanium dioxide solution treatment. So in theory, it's clean breathing from here on out.

The Aegis Parka is only a concept at this stage, though – and even if Friends of the Earth pre-order a couple of thousand, Nieuwe Heren will probably need some outside help in the fight against air pollution. So in the meantime, you can stay safe in the polluted wilderness with our 5 of the best post-apocalyptic gadgets.

[via Design Boom]

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