Adobe kills off Flash for mobile web browsers

Adobe ditches Flash on mobiles – looks like Steve Jobs won the Flash war after all

Software behemoth Adobe has sent shock waves through the techosphere with the news that it will cease development for Flash on mobile browsers for tablets and smartphones in favour of native AIR apps for all the major app stores.

The multi-million pound company has decided to focus its efforts on the development of HTML 5, which works across all platforms and essentially performs as well as Flash – it's just not restricted to Adobe's proprietary software.

According to a source close to ZDNet, Adobe will continue to support its Flash Player for the desktop, alongside Android devices and BlackBerry's PlayBook through bug and critical security features. That's some consolation for RIM, which touts Flash as the PlayBook's main attraction.

Flash has long been the standard for video and animation, but it looks like Steve Jobs – who relentlessly urged Adobe to concentrate on HTML 5, arguing that Flash was an inferior technology that drains battery and is full of security holes – got his wish in the end and the Flash war is indeed over.

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