Adobe Flash mobile support announced – iPhone noticeably absent

Adobe has confirmed Flash support is on its way for nearly all mobile phones, with one notably absent – the iPhone.Ending what has been a long w

Ending what has been a long wait, the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will be available for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS by the end of the year, while Google Android and Symbian OS betas are expected to run in early 2010.

The big news is that RIM is also on board to bring Flash to BlackBerrys, although no time frame for this beta has been announced as yet.

Although Flash Player 10.1 will also launch for PCs and netbooks before the year is out, it will have the most effect on mobile users, allowing them to view the ever-increasing number of Flash websites now around, not to mention watch video services on their mobile that run Flash, such as 4oD.

It will also include "mobile-ready features" that will take advantage of the capabilities of different handsets when available, including things such as multi-touch, gesture control, accelerometer and screen orientation.

The obvious disappointment is that there was no word of Apple following in RIM's footsteps and hopping on board, with no hint it was even in the pipeline either. This would leave the iPhone as pretty much the only one without Flash support, which is more than a little frustrating.

Will Apple give in and jump on the bandwagon? You'll hear it here first if it does. Let us know what you think to the lack of Flash on your iPhone below.