Adidas unveils Jabulani - the official ball for the 2010 World Cup

While the World Cup draw may be taking up a lot of the football headlines today, in related World Cup news, Adidas has uncovered the official match ba

Adidas has been designing the official World Cup match ball since 1970, making this year's "Jabulani" the 11th ball it's produced.

As has been tradition in the World Cup ball, it is named according to the country hosting the competition, and Jabulani means "to celebrate" in the South African Bantu language of IsiZula.

It's also decorated using 11 different colours to represent the 11 official languages and 11 tribes of South Africa as well.

The ball is made up of eight 3D panels spherically moulded to offer what Adidas says is its roundest, most aerodynamic ball ever, with tests on the Jabulani compared to others proving it to be 20% more accurate than the competition.

Goalies will also be happy with the dimpled surface, making it easier to grip when it counts.

Having been given a test run with the pros last year, the ball is now ready to hit shelves tomorrow, on 5th December for £80. If you haven't got that much cash to splash, you can pick up the replica for a more pocket friendly £15.