Adidas gets techy with new Tunit boots

Adidas has just dropped their latest super–techy football boots, the F50.8 Tunit, aimed at wannabe ‘modern slaves’ up and down the c

Built with flair players in mind, the new boots have a transparent heel panel, where you can stick your squad number or even your own artwork. Sure beats getting some truly disturbing Becks–style tattoos.

Tech–wise, you’re looking at an ‘adiDOT’ upper, which according to the flimflam in front of us ‘is dimpled to aid touch and control.’ Whether this will give you the first touch of Fernando Torres is a moot point.

Adidas also says the boots repel water, so they won’t become sodden and heavy when you’re playing in the hammering rain.

The starter kit comes in at £120, rising to a frankly insane £180 for the premium pack, which includes three different uppers and studs, two sockliners and 18 different colour options.

Whatever happened to a regular pair of leather boots, eh?


Adidas F50.8 Tunit

Price: From £120

On sale: Now

Contact: Adidas