Acer's Android netbooks will pack Windows too

The Acer Android netbook we heard was in the works for Q3 this year will also boast Windows XP in a dual OS system.In a move that screams playing it s

In a move that screams playing it safe, Acer's chairman JT Wang said the company had made the decision because it wasn't yet clear how accepted the Android platform would be by consumers.

However, Digitimes is reporting that Wang didn't rule out Android-only models for the future if demand was high enough.

The news of a dual OS will no doubt be a knock to many who had been hoping Android would make for a cheaper machine. In fact, there's now more chance of a price hike to compensate for the increased support costs of two operating systems.

We'll keep you updated on the Acer's Windroid (or Androws?) netbook – but for now be sure to check out our hands on video with Acer's Timeline.