Acer readying Google Android smartphone?

Acer might not be the first brand that crops up when you're thinking of hot new players in the mobile market. But the computer giant has confirmed tod

The new blower, which will be officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress, is the result of the PC powerhouse taking over mobile firm E–Ten last year. Acer is keeping schtum about exactly what we can expect, but don't be surprised to see an Android–packing rival to the soon to be unveiled Asus Eee Phone.

With both Asus and Acer part of Google's Open Handset Alliance, the latter will want to beat their netbook rivals to the punch with a sharp new product. We don't know what it will look like, but you can bet it'll be sleek and affordable.

We'll be at Acer's unveiling on 16 Febraury, bringing you all the news as we get it. It looks as if Google Android is set to dominate MWC this year and we can't wait.